Song Titles Are For Assholes Volume III

by M.E.H.

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The gates have opened
No turning back
Wave after wave
Incessant attack



In your face

You slipped on puke
Now you've got that taste


A shit-stained astro van
Baked from the heat of the desert sand
A caulking gun in a filthy hand
Now this surgery can go according to plan

Pumped full of silicone and great stuff
Smooth out the lumps, now it's good enough

Bitch, pay me and leave
so I can retreat
before your ass explodes
and I'm covered in feces

That's what you get for being superficial.



Corpses on the breath
I like the taste of death
Nature is a murderer
Dont you claim to turn to her?

I should be ashamed
Worlds gone up in flames
These humans should know better
Nature kills and you let her?

Open eyes
dying breaths
on my lips
taste of death

Eternal guilt is best
Fuck all of the rest
Animal are people too
Well I say Boo fucking Hoo!

Cry about the cows some more asshole. And in the meantime give a steak medium rare.



You hear about the parties
But never get invited
You're 22 and still find Yu-Gi-Oh exciting

You wanna tell stories
Make people think your a cool guy
But the only time you've been shitfaced
Is when you had pink eye

Theres not a woman alive who would put her hands on you
People think you're likely to rape a sheep and deep down you know it's true

You can't take anymore
So you'll take a chance

Hit the drug store for lube
and now you're out on the road
You're gonna take what you get
Give or recieve in whatever hole

Scopin a dirty man-whore
Now you work up the nerve

He's undercover
Now you're in the news

and everyone just laughs at you more


Run for your lives
The end is coming live today
Don't go anywhere
we're back after this break

Buy more insurance
Buy this book

it tells you what to do

Get your guns they'll take mine when I'm cold and blue
Watch out for everyone cause they're out to get you

We've got a doctor sitting here with us today
He says the results are inconclusive but you're gonna die anyway


released May 22, 2011