2012 Rehearsal Demo

by M.E.H.

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This tape was recorded on April 11 2012

Excerpts from a review by We Are The Upstate:
"They describe themselves, sometimes, as grindcore and power violence, although I hear a lot of hardcore, thrash, and sludge influences. Obvious fans of multiple genres of hardcore and metal, M.E.H. tries to pile them all into each song, and this is a feat considering none of their songs on this demo are more than 2 minutes long."

"There were a few parts I didn’t like, but I feel like I have to address them fairly. So this band talks about child abuse and makes a few sexist comments, which doesn’t necessarily make them bad people, or their songs bad, in fact, I enjoyed a lot of their music.."

"So if you like your metal to be a power punch to the face – fast and tough, then give M.E.H.’s newest demo a listen."

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released April 20, 2012

Hideous - Guitar, lyrics, backing vocals, editing, mixing, mastering
Will - Keyboards, lyrics, drum programming, backing vocals
CrutchGrabber - Vocals, lyrics, album art



Track Name: Bootleg Pop CDs Pay For My Drugs
I'm a fucking pirate
Something like Robin Hood
I steal from the rich and thats why my smoke is good

Fuck this lame industry
Exploiting artists and blaming me

I don't care about a record exec not being able to gas up his private jet

I can't get a fucking decent job and you want me to sympathize with pop stars ?!

12 shows a years
100k a piece
115 on their pay role so they wont have to do anything

They wont miss the 20
I made at the swap meet
hooking up their fans with affordable versions of their CDs

Then I take my green
Head to a local show
Supporting real musicians and smoking a bowl with em after the show

Don't fucking chastise me
For killing the industry

Go find another pop slut so I can bootleg her CD
Track Name: I'm Getting Drunk as Fuck
Everybody says I drink too much
But I disagree
I think I don't drink enough

Give me a fucking IV
Pump me full of Jäger, vodka, and whisky

They say you only live once
and since most of it sucks everybody drink up

Pour me a Crown and Coke
I'm gettin drunk as fuck

Every time I do a show
I'm gettin drunk as fuck

I got a beer in each hand
I'm gettin drunk as fuck

and all y'all can kiss my fucking ass

May your liver stay strong
and your glass stay filled
May your whores be hot
and your booze chilled

Have a drink on me
Fuck sobriety
Track Name: You Should Go Smoke Crack
You fucking hate your life
All your friends suck

Everything is boring
You want to change things up

You should go smoke crack
Track Name: Shut Up and Get Fucked
I'm only laughin cause
You think I'm listening
By the end of the night both of us will be faking

I don't care about the dream you had
I just want to smear potential life all over your ass

Has anyone ever told you that your most attractive feature was your low self esteem?
Track Name: Moshed Till Death
The gates have opened
No turning back
Wave after wave
Incessant attack

In your face

You slipped on puke
Now you've got that taste
Track Name: Domestic Terrorist
Domestic terrorist
Corporate sponsored piece of shit

Domestic terrorist
Serve and protect only the rich

Army of drones
Little blue men
Attacking the helpless
Time and again

Soulless Shit
Choke on your pepper spray and rubber bullets

Domestic terrorist
Kill all pigs
No Exceptions

Domestic terrorist
All cops are bastards
and worthless
Track Name: Fuck Protocol
I think we can all agree
on what your kid really needs

Fuck protocol
Don't give a fuck
Slap that kid in the mouth
Track Name: Blood Drunk
Blood drunk
Grab your guns

Blood drunk

Blood drunk
Holy Shit

Blood drunk
This is it

This world is far too dull for me
Let's manufacture enemies
I need more meaning in my life
My acts stand justified

Blood drunk
Grab your guns

Blood drunk

Blood drunk
Holy Shit

Blood drunk
This is it

I need blood
Lets hunt em all down
My fortress is no longer sound

Can't you hear them
coming for me?

I'm far too young to really bleed

Blood drunk
Grab your guns

Blood drunk

Blood drunk
Holy Shit

Blood drunk
This is it
Track Name: G.S.M. (Cover of The Thamesmen)
Stop wastin my time
You know what I want
You know what I need
Or maybe you don't

Do I have to come right flat out and tell you everything

Gimme some money
Gimme some money

I'm nobodies fool
I'm nobodies clown
I'm treating you cool
I'm putting you down

But I don't intend to leave here empty handed

Gimme some money
Gimme some money

Go Nigel go!


Don't get me wrong
Try gettin me right
Your face is OK
But your purse is too tight

I'm lookin for pound notes
loose change
bad checks

Gimme some money
Gimme some money
Gimme some money
Gimme some money
Track Name: D.G.M.I.L.F.
I hated her when she was alive
That dried up bitter old cunt

Now that wrinkly bitch is fucking dead
but I still want my revenge

With a shovel in hand
and a smile on my face
I'm gonna fuck this bitch from beyond the grave
Track Name: I Sampled Your YouTube Video (Deal With It)
This is a serious business
Don't you undermine my art

But you just sit on your ass and smoke cigarettes
You don't even make an interesting whore

Fuck off and die
Track Name: Gonna Have to Fight (S.O.A. Cover)
Look it up for yourself.